1. Right Before Sunrise3:07
  2. A Sky for Us3:19
  3. Childhood with Elves3:23
  4. In Esilio4:03
  5. Whale's Dance4:59

- About the Project

Violent Wave is a contemporary classical project that is inspired by author’s film’s dramatical visuals. This album is the continuity of the last song of the project : The Others. It imposes a new touch with the crude elements that our earth offers us. This project sounds far more humble than The Others, it is free of unnecessary, unstable electronic add-ons which leaves room for more traditional instruments. All in all, this gives rawness and honesty to the piece.
The main Title Violent Wave refers to the violent climate change that human kind is generating.

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Violent Wave

Release Date : April 15, 2019
Artist : Arnaud Hug
Catalog ref. : 79542

Composed and Produced by Arnaud Hug