1. Dna5:09
  2. Stellar Embryo4:22
  3. 3 Peaks4:27
  4. A Lack of Time3:12
  5. The Others5:12

- About the Project

The others is an extended play recorded in France. It is an electronic contemporary project inspired by the immensity of space, and the unresolved questions about life and its mechanisms.Sounds and music breath together as the birth of a very new organism, violins and synths are dancing together to express the beauty of a single cell that divides into two.Loud parts let voids appear, just like in space, where it all began. Titanic explosions created stardust and later on…us. The title references to all the other races we never met.

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The Others

Release Date : July 1, 2017
Artist : Arnaud Hug
Catalog ref. : 79542

Composed and produced by Arnaud Hug.